Milton Creamery

Jane and Rufus Musser

Milton, IA

Good milk is at the heart of every cheese that comes out of Milton Creamery in Milton, Iowa. Rufus and Jane Musser began making cheese after local Amish farmers suggested the family use Amish milk for cheese and the Musser family business has been growing ever since.

Diners can find Milton Creamery cheese on plates in restaurants in Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland and even as far away as New York City and Boston.

Rufus and Jane take their family business to heart, placing their son at the helm as the head cheese maker. Galen Musser began making cheese when was just 16 at his parents’ company and has gone on to win both national and international awards.

Milton Creamery’s most famous product is Prairie Breeze, which can be found on cheese plates at Django and other Des Moines restaurants. The nutty cheese has hints of cheddar and a soft yet rich taste. Jane Musser says Milton Creamery cheeses are high quality because the milk they’re made from is high quality.

“We buy milk from 11 local Amish farmers who milk their cows by hand and graze in season,” Jane Musser explains.

The simplicity of the cheese is the strong point. Jane Musser says that the cows lead a simple, natural life and that the all-natural production of the cheese makes for a fantastic product.

While the Musser family no longer frequents farmers markets, their cheeses can often be found at Iowa farmers markets through distributors. Milton Creamery has also branched into grocery stores, selling their cheese in more than 15 grocery stores across central Iowa.

Restaurants Jane and Rufus source to: Django, Gateway Market, and more.


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