Maple Brook Farms

Nathan and Abby Doerder

Boone, IA

“For as long as it has been around, livestock has been an integral part of our farm and family,” Nathan Doerder says of Maple Brook Farm.

Doerder and his wife, Abby, currently run the family farm located in Boone, Iowa. Maple Brook Farm has been in Doerder’s family since 1879. The couple raises hogs, cattle and ducks, but only began sourcing to restaurants recently. In the spring of 2010, Doerder ordered 15 ducks to have around his farm and soon decided to order 300 more to see if he could sell them.

The plan worked: Doerder now sources his ducks to restaurants across Iowa and has a successful online business.

“Des Moines and other communities we serve are really lucky to have such amazing chefs that want to use local products because it really does make a difference,” Doerder says.

Doerder has had a positive experience with Des Moines area chefs, though he is quick to note that it can be hard to sell his product.

“I am not a salesman nor do I want to be so marketing at the beginning was difficult,” Doerder admits. “We are still constantly trying to find new markets.”

Doerder continues to seek out new markets because he’s genuinely proud of his product and passionate about sharing it with restaurants and their diners.

“Our family is one that loves food and loves good food,” Doerder says. “To see our ducks in restaurants is extremely satisfying.  We put so much work into it that we want the best possible product for our customers.”

Restaurants Nathan and Abby source to: Bistro Montage, One-Twenty-Six and Motley Cow Cafe in Iowa City, and more.


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