Josh Burmeister

(515) 288-0268

210 10th St
Des Moines, IA 50309


Chef Josh Burmeister’s philosophy is, “The more you support local farms, the more local farms there will be.”

That’s the fundamental belief that inspires the chef at Django (210 10th St.), a brasserie-style French restaurant, to serve local food.

Chef Burmeister is concerned with supporting his local economy, but also with forming relationships with the people who source his food.

Burmeister confesses, “With local farmers, I show more gratitude and get more personal with. The quality is much better and more fresh than you can get anywhere else.”

That quality shines in menu items like the hearty, flavorful Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Chops that sit perfectly on a plate next to a rich spaetzle tossed with leeks and La Quercia prosciutto.

Chef Burmeister opts for local food as often as possible for its quality. He says his biggest problem in sourcing from small farmers is that his demand is often higher than what farmers can produce for him.

He feels there is a limited supply of local food being produced and that often leads to repetition in the food he is able to source. Though he can easily get pork, tomatoes and sweet corn, it can be difficult to find other much needed ingredients.

Chef Burmeister may run into problems finding the food he needs, but from Milton Creamery’s Prairie Breeze cheese to RicJac Farms’ asparagus, Django seems to have plenty of local food to offer.


Farms Chef Burmeister sources from: Cleverly Farms, Foxhollow Farm, La Quercia, Milton Creamery, Sheeder Clover Leaf Dairy, Sunstead Farms, RicJac Asparagus, and more.


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