Bistro Montage

Enosh Kelley

(515) 557-1924

2724 Ingersoll Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312

When it comes to serving locally sourced food at Bistro Montage (2724 Ingersoll Ave.), Chef Enosh Kelley responds, “Why not?

“Local means organic, small production, humanely treated, yucky stuff free,” Kelley says.

And Kelley’s menu reflects this outlook. He sources duck, chicken, elk, cheese, herbs, berries and more from small farms across Iowa and the products play a prominent role in the food he serves.

For example, on his cheese plate, diners are met with a smooth, robust goat cheese from Reichert’s Dairy Air. For an entrée, the Crispy Local Organic Pecking Duck Breast is superb. The tender duck from Foxhollow Farm pairs perfectly with the earthy flavor of the fig compote-stuffed turnips.

While Kelley sees the quality of locally farmed food, he has run into problems getting that food. He admits that the time spent going and getting the food as opposed to just calling an order in is measurable. Kelley has also had problems with farmers running out of what he needs.

“Chickens don’t lay eggs in the winter very well, goats don’t milk well in winter months.” Kelley continues, “Basically, your menu revolves around availability, meanwhile it’s always summer somewhere.”

Although sourcing food from local farmers isn’t always the fastest or cheapest way for Kelley to get food on his tables, he believes in it.

“[It] keeps you healthy,” Kelley says. “Support the cause, man.”


Farms Chef Kelley sources from: Coyote Run Farm, Foxhollow Farms, Maple Brook Farm, Reichert’s Dairy Air, and more.


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